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All intellectual property rights over The Websites, the design, and source code, and all content included in any of them including without limitation text, images, animations, data bases, graphics, logos, trademarks, icons, buttons, pictures, videos, sound recordings, and anything else appearing on or being part of or being used to construct The website  belong to (With the exception of any open source item or any item offered for usage on the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license or the GNU Free Documentation License or image or recording within the public or otherwise  indicated) Fortiswick.

The reproduction or distribution, as well as transformation, producing any derivative works of any kind, public communication, making available, extraction, reuse or any other use of The Websites or any of its parts, is strictly forbidden.

Any third Party Content or sponsored content is protected by intellectual property rights, as appropriate, and belong to their owners. Although The websites can locate and provide access to these Contents, its download and use is subject to the conditions set by the relevant third-party. Fortiswick is not the owner and cannot grant any license or authorization in relation to any Third Party Content or sponsored content. The User must obtain authorizations that are, in each case, required to use any Third Party Content.or any sponsored content.

If the third-party holder of a third-party content or sponsored content does not want to be included in Fortiswick search results, the third-party can contact Fortiswick as indicated the general and contact information below regarding a specific third-party content or sponsored content appearing as a search result.

If you believe that any content infringes third-party rights or does not comply with these terms, you can report it to Fortiswick as set forth in the general and contact information below.


Fortiswick may, at any moment, and without incurring in any responsibility towards the User, modify the content of The Websites, limit or modify the conditions or cease to provide some or all the services and features available or deactivate and delete all or some of the Content.  However Fortiswick will comply with its obligations regarding the keeping of records in relation of certain transactions for the relevant period as provided by applicable law .


The use of The Websites   shall be governed by United Kingdom Law. Except for those cases in which are superseded by EU law as long as the UK remains a member state of the EU or is in legislative agreement that the particular case be dealt with by EU legislature.

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