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Advertisers on this website:-

At Fortiswick.com we constantly monitor advertisers on our website for service and customer satisfaction and rely on our visitors to provide us with feedback and reviews enabling us bring them the best and safest online experience possible.
We aim to offer only the best goods and services, but despite our best efforts there can be instances where an advertiser falls short of the high standards we expect.

The Fortiswick.com website is an advisory service and apart from occasional puppies from our own kennels we do not hold stock or animals or sell any other products or services ourselves. When you agree to buy any product or service through an advertiser on our website please be aware that they are a third-party and we cannot be held responsible for any disputes arising over purchases or orders from that third-party.

While we will endeavor to resolve any issues, each advertiser is responsible for their own customer service and you must raise any issues with them in the first instance. In all cases you must deal with them directly for resolution.

We have no control over the content of our advertisers websites and cannot be held responsible for the content therein.
If you share information with any of our advertisers via their websites we have no control over that information and advise you to check their terms & conditions before doing so.

Fortiswick.com cannot be held liable for any issues arising from mis-advertising or mis-selling by a third-party link from this website, any such issues reported to us will result in the removal of the advertiser or service provider links from this site and the blacklisting of them on our associated networks as well as reporting them to the appropriate authorities, including the police if we believe a criminal act has occurred. In this instance we reserve the right to reveal the details of the affected parties in order for a full and thorough investigation to take place. By using this website you agree to this condition.

Image usage on this website:-

With the exception of advertisers images and logos used for links and marketing purposes Fortiswick.com uses its own in-house photography and graphic design team to generate its own imagery, any such imagery is the property of Fortiswick and subject to copyright restrictions.

The  Fortiswick.com logos may be  copied and used to provide a link to this website or for promotion of this website with our written consent.

Where our own self-generated imagery is not used we use public domain images which are free from copy-right or licensing agreements and do not have to be attributed.

Our other source of imagery is Wikimedia Commons which is an image repository containing files under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license and the GNU Free Documentation License which may be viewed here.

We endeavor to provide correct attributions in accordance with these license agreements and advise you that the contributing artists have no affiliation with our website or services we offer nor do they endorse us, our business, our website or our use of their work.

Despite our best efforts we may have inadvertently used an image that falls outside of our policy guidelines, if this is the case and you are aware of such an image please contact us immediately so we can take appropriate action as follows:

If the imagery is under copyright we will immediately remove it from our website as it against our policy to use such imagery.

If the image is used under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license and / or the GNU Free Documentation License and is incorrectly attributed, then please forward us the correct attribution details so we can update them.

If you know of an advertiser who is in breach of advertising regulations please notify the Advertising Standards Authority.