The Fortiswick Labrador Buying Guide

Fortiswick Labradors is a Kennel Club registered kennel name.

At Fortiswick we are Labrador enthusiasts, of all breeds the Labrador Retriever has the best temperament and is the most suitable canine companion for humans.
This is why Labradors are the most popular dog in the world and why we have produced this buying guide.

As the Labrador retriever is by far the worlds most popular dog they are the first choice of puppy farmers and criminals, a KC reg pup with good lineage sells for around £1000 (April 2019).

A puppy farmer with 10 bitches and 1 dog can earn up to £100,000 a year. They do this by keeping dogs in appalling conditions and selling unhealthy pups, usually with fake ID, for as much as possible. Many of the puppies fall ill within a few weeks and a good proportion will die.

Our Puppy Buying Guide shows you how to avoid puppy farms and unscrupulous breeders, what to look for when buying a puppy and how to spot a genuine pedigree Labrador. We also have information on Labrador Health and a Guide to Basic Training you may find useful.

The Fortiswick Labrador

Fortiswick Labradors are of excellent pedigree, from champion working dog lineage and have the finest temperament but are essentially family pets.labrador

They do enjoy a little fieldwork, mostly flushing out and retrieving the occasional rabbits, pigeons and pheasants we pot for the family table, however, we do not trial or show our dogs.

Our dogs are a part of our family and very occasionally we have a litter of pups, these will be advertised here as and when available.

Our puppies are eminently suitable as family pets or for training as gun or working dogs.

If we decide to mate our bitches the Sires are carefully selected for proven temperament, working ability and good looks, we will have already looked at a Sires previous offspring before allowing him to mate with any of our bitches.

Any puppies we may offer for sale will be vet checked, have their first injections, be microchipped and wormed before leaving us.

Other Labrador Puppies


We also occasionally advertise litters from genuine local breeders known personally to us as a free service for other Labrador lovers.

Occasionally we are asked to assist with the re-homing of a mature Labrador.

As responsible dog owners, we believe that we must do our utmost to keep the traits that make Labradors so loved by all, by preventing cross-breeding and helping to eliminate genetically inherited illnesses by following the Kennel Club (KC) and British Veterinary Association (BVA) guidelines on genetic testing & responsible breeding.

Under no circumstances will any puppies offered on this website be sold for third-party sale and potential owners will be vetted for suitability.

 Buy responsibly, help stop the puppy trade & shut down the puppy farms.